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Dosing System Accessories :

Pressure Release Valve :

We provide superior quality range of pressure relief valves that are used as a safety device. These pressure relief valves are fitted at discharge line to prevent damages or harm caused to equipment, piping and its allied components due to sudden increase in excessive pressure. The pressure relief valves are an adjustable spring loaded valve. The valve is factory adjusted for set pressure as originally specified or at 15 % above the rated pump pressure.

The inlet and outlet sizes of the pressure relief valve highly depend on pipe line size and flow rates and set pressure. Available in MOC of SS and PP . Any other MOC can also be provided as per application requirement.

Back Pressure Valve :

We provide a wide range of back pressure valves that are used for the purpose of creating a constant back pressure to ensure exact media feed rates and to protect against over loading while also increasing metering accuracy in applications involving fluctuating back pressure particularly long lines.

The inlet and outlet sizes of the Back Pressure Valves highly depend on pipe line size and flow rates and set pressure. Available in MOC of SS and PP . Any other MOC can also be provided as per application requirement.

Anti Siphoning Valve :

Anti Siphoning Valves allows flow of liquid in a single direction only and prevents the movement of liquid in opposite direction. Ensuring prevention of Siphoning is very critical depending upon site conditions.

The inlet and outlet sizes of the Anti Siphoning valve highly depend on pipe line size and flow rates and set pressure. Available in MOC of SS and PP . Any other MOC can also be provided as per application requirement.

On Line Strainers :

"Y" Type and "T" Type : We provide a wide range of "Y" and "T" strainers. These strainers are essentially a filter with wire mesh as a filtering media. It is used on the suction line to filter out any solids larger than the mesh size which are trying to pass through the suction line. This strainers are important for proper functioning of the pump. Non return valves , Diaphragms , Plungers , Stators , Impellors of the dosing pump may become ineffective due to contact with abrasive particles and loss of metering accuracy. Our collection of strainers are recommended in the suction line for the process fluids, which are likely to have undesirable solids or lumps in the strainer. Suction strainer has to be cleaned with a regular frequency to avoid blocking of suction. For cleaning suction strainer, close the suction side off valve and unscrew retainer and take out of mesh. Also clean suction strainer systematically with suitable solvent or water, soap and others and refit it.

On Line Filters :

We provide customized On-line filters in Simplex and Duplex design suiting to different chemicals and mesh size. Usually made of SS material these are used along with Dosing Pumps to pervert any unwanted particle passing thru the Dosing line. Various designs suiting to different applications , Pipe line sizes , Opening types are available and can be customized as per client specification.

Pulsation Dampeners :

Any dosing or metering pump create pulsation ripples and hydraulic shock on the fluid discharge side due to the reciprocating nature of their stroking action. Pulsation Dampeners remove virtually all hydraulic shock , thus enhancing reliability and consistency of fluid handling equipment in chemical transfer and precision metering applications.

Benefits :

  • Pulsation and Vibration free steady flow
  • Protection of Line instrument from vibrations
  • Ensures steady flow , accuracy and reliability of system
  • Uniform application of chemicals thru steady flow
  • Reduces foaming , Splashing

Pressure Gauges :

We provide different type pressure gauges of various sizes for different applications such as Utility Gauges, Glycerine filled Gauges, Diaphragm Gauges etc . These are selected based on chemical to be used, Pressure rating, Pipe line sizes etc.

Calibration Columns :

Calibration Columns or Calibration Pots are designed specifically for use in determining the flow rate of metering (Dosing) pumps. These are fast, easy, economical and easy to install means of checking the flow rates of metering pumps. They are available in various sizes. Usually a 30 second sample size is preferred to Check the accuracy of metering pump.

Usually these calibration columns are part of any dosing system and presently they are being preferred for immediate calibration of pumps. The MOC is of PVC or PP with transparent Scale graduations. The scale graduations are direct reading type . They are also easy to fill and clean. Available ready stock in all sizes.

Tank Level Switches and Level Indicators :

We provide Tank level Switches, Level Indicators for use along with chemical solution Tanks. The various types available are as follows :

   For Level Measurement Application

  • Vertical Mount type Magnetic Float Level Switches
  • Single Level and Multi Level Float switches
  • Cable suspended Float operated Level Switch
  • Mini Vertical Mounted Float Switches
  • Side Mounted Acrylic Level Indicators with protectors
  • Conductivity type Liquid level Switch
  • Drum Scale Indicator
  • Liquid Level Controller
  • Liquid Level Monitoring Relay
  • Level Process Controllers
  • Contact Duplicators

You provide us the application requirement , we will customize and deliver the solutions.

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