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"ProMinent" Sensors and Controllers available for pH , Ozone , Chlorine , Bromine, Chlorine Dioxide, Para Acetic Acid (PAA) , Chlorite, Dissolved Oxygen , Hydrogen Peroxide , ORP, Flouride and Conductivity.

Example : Auto pH Controlling (Neutralisation) System

These system are used to automatically control the pH balance of the process liquid. Usually the sensor mounted on suitable sensor housing will be placed inside the tank or in pipeline to measure the actual pH value of the process liquid. This sensor will sense and continuously give the actual pH value of the tank liquid / Pipe line liquid to the pH controller. The controller has provisions for setting of the required pH value (say between 7 to 7.5) . The difference between the actual pH value (as measured by the sensor ) and the required pH value (as set in the controller), will be continuously monitored by the controller and a proportionate signal depending on the difference will be fed to either solenoid valve or Dosing Pump. The solenoid valve or dosing pump in turn will add exact amount of Alkali solution (in case the pH is required to be increased) or Acid solution (in case the pH is required to be reduced) to the process till the required pH value is achieved, thus eliminating any chance of overdosing or under dosing. Based on application requirement , the system can be used to add a single chemical (Either Alkali solution or Acidic solution).


There are different types of pH neutralization systems are based on following :

  • Continuous process or Batch process
  • On line addition or Tank addition application
  • Number of Solenoid Valves or dosing Pumps (Single or Double )
  • Controller Types ( ON-Off type , PID type (0/4-20 mA Analog), Timing Proportional Gain Type )
The line pH Value and required set pH values are continuousely displayed on LCD screen of Controller. Any change of set value in controller is easily done thru push buttons . Alarm indication for any controller position or pH Status can be taken out. pH Chart recorder or Data logger for recording of controller activities can also be provided.

pH Sensors of various types suitable for different applications such as Steam Sterilizable / PVC body / Glass Body / Refillable types and with different mounting options are available.

Complete system with Skid mounted solution Tanks (HDPE/SS/MS/FRP), Agitators, Solenoid valves or pneumatic valves or Dosing Pumps, Piping, Control panels, Low level switches with complete automation are also provided by us. Documentation package includes all drawings and Installation/operation manuals. Many of our systems are also supplied abroad thru OEM's and fitted with electrical instruments of relevant rating specific to country of use.

Similarly Measuring and Controlling system for other parametres are also avalilable
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