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Chlorination Systems

We offer an effective and easy to handle chlorination system at economical price. Chlorine meets with the demands of a reliable disinfectant and is most trusted in water treatment. In effectively kills pathogenic micro organisms and also provides residual protection to prevent recontamination.

Our system is easy to handle and install. It includes a dosing tank of suitable capacity for storing chlorine base solution and a dosing pump mounted on the tank with all the accessories for accurate dosing of chlorine. The discharge from dosing pump can be accurately varied to add different quantities of chlorine as per the requirements. The system can be offered with Water meters that will send flow proportionate signal to dosing pump for flow proportionate dosing in case of varying water flow areas.

This system is most economical and ideal as it ensures availability of pure water at all points in the area. We also offer Chlorination systems for high capacity requirements with Skids, Tanks, Motorised Stirrers and control panels.

Fully automated systems for Chlorination or De-Chlorination with On-line Total Chlorine sensors, Free Chlorine Sensors, Residual Chlorine sensors, Controllers and Automated panels to ensure desired ppm level for Pharma, Biotech, Food and Beverages industries are also undertaken by us.

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